10/1/2017 – Are You Tired Of The 5K Fund Raiser?

Are you tired of doing the standard 5k to raise funds for your non-profit?

Devin Kelly was.  As an avid adventure racer and philanthropist, he recently played in a Geoteaming game in Portland, OR http://geoteaming.com/2017/05/26/5262017-how-to-play-together-so-you-can-stay-together-by-luann-cahn/.  He thought this was a perfect way to upgrade his next non-profit event!

His company, Oregon Active http://oregonactive.org, collaborated with Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute http://http://www.cc-tdi.org/ and half the money sent kids with cancer to an Oregon Adventure Therapy Ranch with ATVs and whitewater rafting and the other half going for research with CC-TDI.  They hosted the event at North 45 http://www.north45pub.com/

Devin called this “Feeding 2 birds with 1 seed!”.

To meet Devin’s non-profit budget and maximize donations, we used Geoteaming’s iPlay.  Devin was trained by Geoteaming to lead the session himself and Geoteaming was there remotely to monitor the event, send final scores and produce a slideshow within 30 minutes of the end of the event. 

“Geoteaming is a fantastic partner, they thought of everything and made my event a success!” said Devin Kelly.

“This is AWESOME!” – Team Edgar Strong

“Love is everywhere” -The famous quote from Holly, one of the cancer patients.

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