5/26/2017 How To Play Together So You Can Stay Together By Luann Cahn

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John Chen, the creator of Geoteaming, believes something powerful happens when people PLAY TOGETHER. I do too. And that’s why I was so excited to get to do my first Geoteaming event in Portland, Oregon 2 weeks ago.

What is Geoteaming?
It’s like high-tech geocaching. It’s a team building, timed scavenger hunt using a really cool app to display clues and collect video, pictures, evidence of your team’s crazy dares and clue solving adventures.

My fabulous How to Rock a TEDX coaches Cathey Armillas, Devin Kelly, and his girlfriend Christine Shelton (In Philly in October) invited me and my husband to come out to Portland this summer for a Pacific Northwest adventure complete with hikes, waterfalls, and yes, Geoteaming.

And you know, the truth is, as fun as it was to visit new cities and eat new food and try new things, nothing was as much fun as goofing around with our friends on our team “The Titanic”, (not sure how we got that name), and running around like kids, all over downtown Portland following clues and doing insane things together.

“Like what?” you ask.
* Well, we followed a clue into a huge bookstore and then froze like statues.
* We skipped down the waterfront.
* We all pretended to be water sprinklers.
* We had to find a license plate with numbers that added up to 11.
* We made up a song.
* We walked liked Egyptians.

We laughed.
We pushed each other. For 5 hours we walked our asses off all over town. We talked to strangers trying to figure out where we were going or what we were looking for when clues failed us.

In the end, Team Titanic did not sink. We rose to the occasion and took first place. And then we collapsed. But more importantly, it cemented a bond with my coaches, now friends.

Those who play together, stay together.
You know I talk about this all the time. We need play to be our most creative and productive. And we need play to bond with people in our lives.

As adults, we forget to play and research shows that makes our personalities narrow. Not a good thing.

What a blast to find other adults, ready to skip down the street with abandon for the sake of the game, for Team Titanic. We’re the kings of the world…! Yeah, something like that.

Thanks, John Chen, for inviting us to play.

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