The Geoteaming Story

Our story: 

Our founder, John Chen, is an extreme adventurist who was a sponsored amateur skateboarder at age 18, has jumped out of airplanes, walked across 40 feet of hot coals and summited Denali at 20,320 feet.

Life gives us lessons, we choose whether to accept

Originally from California, John was recruited by Microsoft after graduating college. During his 10 years at this Fortune 500 company, he worked on Exchange, the first client/ server email system. Before the project was a huge financial success, the team was in trouble. John helped lead a turn-around, he created strategies that inspired teams to collaborate across the company and watched them succeed at the highest possible level. Exchange went on to ship more than 150 million client licenses and is still growing to this day.

Ever felt like you were supposed to ‘do more’?

At the young age of 30-something, John was looking for his next big adventure after Microsoft. Deep inside, he knew there was something more for him.

“I knew I was supposed to do something, I just didn’t know what it was,” explains John.

He spent a weekend with a business coach and in a ‘Jerry Maguire moment’ he had an epic moment of clarity. He knew his next steps were to retire from Microsoft and pursue his passions…outdoor adventure, learning and of course technology.

A good mentor can alter the course of your life

His mentor sent him an article on geocaching. He reached out to the people who started, they invited him to try it and he fell in love with the concept. (Learn more about how John found his destiny here.) He could apply the best strategies he created at Microsoft and leverage the technology of geocaching in an outdoor setting to help people solve workplace challenges. He knew what he would build next.

Geoteaming was born (Geo from geocaching and team from team building)

John’s philosophy about work is pretty simple: Work should add value and be fun. Part of the Geoteaming culture is that everyone gets to pick their job title. While John is the CEO, he’s also the big kid with the old soul. The big kid is about fun and the old soul says he has something to teach teams around the world.

Warning: You will not be the same after a Geoteaming experience

John’s personal mission in life is to leave people better than he found them. He trains facilitators all around the world to deliver on this mission so you and your team can experience personal breakthroughs, learn life lessons and realize results that will stay with you forever.

John lives life large. As one client said to him after an epic adventure in New York City and at the Super Bowl, “You showed me I can play a bigger game.” John will inspire you to find your true passion and live life to its fullest.


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