iPlay – Remote Team Building


The iPlay is about team building on a budget – it’s amazing and it’s affordable.

  • Fun: Do you just want your team to have fun (without any heavy learning objectives)?
  • Fast: Do you have limited time?
  • Frugal: Do you have a limited team building budget?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any or all of these questions, The iPlay is the right program for you. In one short hour, we will help you bring people together in a fun way, where everyone feels valued, and you can start or end your meeting on a high note. We show you how to download our app and login. Our remote geotech is your helpline during your team building event who delivers your scores, photos and videos to you online, all without travel and expenses!

Program at a glance:

Who: A group ranging from 12 to 2,000 people who want team building for a retreat, training or conference

What: A high tech treasure hunt

Why: Fast and fun team building

Where: Indoors and outdoors

When: 1 hour

How: We have an app for this 🙂

Example 2-hour agenda:

iPlay download and login before event

1:00 p.m. iPlay experience

2:00 p.m. iPlay ends, scores sent to you by email so you can announce a winner

4:00 p.m. Photos and videos delivered to by email so you can play

The Aha, The Search, The Chase and The iPlay programs are all high tech treasure hunts that can be played inside or outside.

One phone call to us – and you’ll have a battle-tested adventure ready for your team.

Ready to play? Let’s make it happen. Request a quote or contact us.

Want to learn more first?

We know you want to have fun. And we know you have a budget. That’s why we designed this program; we listened to our customers and distilled the most exciting parts of our programs without travel and expenses.

People choose The iPlay who are looking for a new way to have fun as a stand-alone program or enhance an event, training or conference. You also want someone to help you be successful instead of just doing it yourself. We get it. With more than 1,600 events in 20 years, we have the experience to make it easy on you.

How it works

We meet with you, use one of our predesigned courses for your event and take care of all the logistics for you including showing you how to download our app and login. On the day of the event, you show your group how to download and log in. Don’t worry, our remote geotech is available for you to provide any help you need. Then the teams are off on their adventure! In this fun and competitive event, teams try to outscore each other. When you return, you’ll get the official scores by email.  In 2 hours after your event, you’ll get your photos and videos delivered to you.

While fun, there are some hidden benefits to The iPlay:

  • Networking: This is an opportunity to help people get to know each other better
  • Increase morale: People feel valued and appreciated by your company when you make time to bring people together and invest in them
  • Increase team performance: Team building programs can increase team performance in the following weeks

“Geoteaming’s iPlay gave SSG a great way to celebrate being together at the holidays that was fun, easy and budget friendly.   John and his team were great to work with and the technology is easy to use, follow and adds a new dimension to more typical group activities.” – Jennifer Prefontaine, SSG Search

 You show up and we make it happen – it really is that simple!

Let’s get this on our calendars. Request a quote or contact us.