Aha – Cross Team Collaboration

The Aha is the one investment corporations must make to be in the top one percent. 

Do you:

  • Have trouble getting two or more teams to agree or work together?
  • Need to increase communication and trust between teams?
  • Want your company to reach the next level?

You’re not alone. We started the Aha program in 2001. It is our longest-running and most popular Geoteaming program to date. Why? Because companies and organizations still need it.

The Aha, The SearchThe Chase and The iPlay Geoteaming programs are all high tech treasure hunts that can be played indoors or outdoors. The Aha focuses on cross-team collaboration. Sounds simple and fun right? It appears simple. And it is fun. And… it’s a lot more.

The Aha program at a glance:

Who: A group ranging from 12 to 2,000 people at a retreat, training or conference, etc.

What: A high tech treasure hunt

Why: Cross-team collaboration to achieve organizational goals

Where: Indoors and outdoors

When: 4 hours

How: We have an app for this

Example 4-hour agenda:

1:00 p.m. Aha program introduction

1:45 p.m. Aha Experience I

2:45 p.m. Mid-point debrief

3:15 p.m. Aha Experience II

4:15 p.m. Final debrief, awards, digital slideshow

5:00 p.m. Program ends

The greatest gains corporate America can make is NOT in team building, it’s in cross-team collaboration and increasing communication and trust between teams.

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Want to know more about who The Aha is for? Read on to learn how this program can help your organization, how it works and the types of results you can expect from your investment.

The Aha program has a competitive – collaborative design.

What differentiates this program is that we not only foster team building, we cultivate something bigger… cross-team collaboration.

This program helps your company achieve two important goals.

Teams compete for the highest score AND they can collaborate to achieve a company goal where everyone wins. Teams that choose to work together can score more points than teams that work alone. In the case of the Geoteaming program, everyone can win a prize. When teams take their new skills and team energy back to work, the prize becomes maximum revenue for the company.

How does it work?

Before your event, we custom design a course based on your goals at the location you choose. We take advantage of beautiful places and hide all sorts of interesting items on the course.

On the day of the event, the facilitator forms the group into teams, shares the goals and rules, and explains how to use our technology. Then the teams are off on their adventure! Like The Amazing Race, teams must figure out how to score the most points possible in the time allowed.

Half-way through, we stop the game clock so teams can pause and debrief on what they’ve done well and what they can do better. At this point, the facilitator also asks, “How are you doing on your company goal?” More than 80 percent of teams say, “What company goal?”

This is the Aha moment.

This is the moment we see people realize this is not a team event, this is a company event.

Teams that have the Aha moment take time to talk with their teams and other teams to build a better plan. We often we see teams score more points in the second half of the program, and most important, they achieve the company goal.

Teams arrive at the end point which can be a scenic location, already set up with food and drinks, where the facilitator leads a customized debrief for the event. The debrief is key to helping people understand how what happened in this event can help them be better at work. They learn in a safe environment, so when they make a mistake, they only lose points and prizes – instead of a million-dollar deal.

Teams that take the principles and lessons they learn in a game setting, back to work, will create game-changing results for your company.

The real value of any leadership, development or training program is the results. The Aha program has helped many teams accelerate and achieve significant company goals; here are just a few examples:

  • Enabled mergers to happen faster.
  • Sparked a CEO to pay a bonus to the teams who collaborated across the organization and successfully implemented their ideas back at the office.
  • Helped companies sell more and increase profit.

After facilitating more than 1,600 events in 20 years, we guarantee your results.

We teach you our proprietary system, The Seven Keys to Cross-Team Collaboration, in the Aha program. When you apply it at work, you will create extraordinary value that will give you an edge over your competition. The Aha is the one investment you must make in your team and your company.

Looking for an edge over the competition? The Aha will help you be in the top one percent of companies.    

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