Meet Jimbo Clark, Creative Innovation Expert from Taipei, Taiwan

I met Jimbo Clark at NASAGA (North American Simulation And Gaming Association) and loved the work he was doing there.

Next he volunteered as the marketing chair when I was the co-chair of NASAGA and we put together the entire marketing for “Gamification Buzz” in Seattle, including the Whipped Creme Gala. We had a blast collaborating and bouncing ideas off each other.

Jimbo invited me to Brains On The Beach which took us to a private island in Indonesia.… There our friendship took on an entirely new level.

When Jim Clark arrived in Shenyang China in 1987, he had no idea that he would settle in Asia, that he would start a consulting company focusing on creative innovation, that he would live in Taiwan for more than 25 years, or that his name would change from Jim to Jimbo. If he had known any of these things, he probably wouldn’t have gotten off the airplane. Luckily, he didn’t and he has been living, working and innovating in Asia since.

Take 24 minutes and meet Jimbo Clark and learn how he uses experiential learning in Asian countries to reduce suffering.

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