5 Ways To Be The Winning Team

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” -Peter Drucker

After watching over 1,600 team building events over the past 20 years, we can predict with about 80% accuracy which team is going to win solely after watching the team make and present a team name and team cheer.  Like how poker players give tells, teams give tells, starting in the early formation stages. Here are 5 ways to spot the winning team:

1) Energy

Winning teams create energy.  One of the primary indicators for a winning team is the ability to create team spirit and energy as displayed by high energy team cheers.

2) Synchronization

We have been fooled in the past by teams that show only high energy.  In addition to energy, we look for synchronization.  This is the ability for the team to be together during their team cheer.  One team texted a complicated cheer to every phone and were in sync as they delivered their cheer.  This team went on to win.

3) Planning / Strategy

We used to think that teams that came to consensus quickly win.  We now know that teams that take the entire planning time AND have a thoughtful process can also be a winning team.  Recently a team took the entire time we gave them to plan.  As I listened into their process, you could hear them thoughtfully weighing each member’s input and crafting a decision that every team member bought into.  This team went on to win.

4) Creativity

If I give you a pink bandana your team decides to name themselves “Pink Panther”, I can almost guarantee that your team is not going to win.  This represents the lowest form of creativity.  A team making the easiest decision possible is a sure  way to lose.  Other losing team names include “Orange Crush” and “Green Machine”.  If you want to be a winning team, do something creative.

5) Collaboration

If your team works together with other teams, this is a sign of a winning team.  This signals the team is willing to break out of the team mold and look at the bigger picture.  One team went on to change the entire event with one question which was, “What is the highest score any company has ever made?”  This inspired all the teams to collaborate.  This team helped the company became the 8th company to score ALL the points, making them in the top 1/2 of 1%

I hope these 5 Ways To Be The Winning Team help you in your next team project.

Watch these teams and guess which team won.

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