Team-Building On Budget – Northwest Meetings and Events

Geoteaming CEO, John Chen, was featured in a Northwest Meetings and Events article about how to build your teams on a budget.

“Team building at it’s best should meet the goal of what we call the pick-up-the-phone factor.  People should build relationships long before they need them”

“Geoteaming offers its iPlay app (costs are as low as $25 per person), which has more than 60 team building missions.”

“Chen says at this price (as low as $75 per person), Geoteaming sends at least one staff member to act as a facilitator for an app-based mission.”  

“Because our hypothetical company is facing growth and communication issues, Chen recommends a program called The Search ($145 per person with a $3,000 minimum).”

“If they’re really smart, the managers will track that decision in the next 30 days to get value out of this team-building event.”


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