CSR Team Building Helps Washington Firefighters

One summer in 2015, with more than 500,000 acres on fire in the largest forest fire in Washington State, many of us were devastated by the images we saw and the lives that were lost, including three firefighters. We wanted, we needed to do something. So with a few quick phone calls, Geoteaming pulled together 50 events industry leaders and packed more than 1,000 hygiene kits for firefighters and displaced families worth more than $4,000. If you watch this video closely, you’ll see each kit has a personal note. One team decided they didn’t care how fast they built kits, their goal was to write the best personal notes. John and a few friends loaded a car and trailer and drove 17 hours to personally deliver the kits in one day. The recipients of these care packages noticed, and appreciated, the personal notes.  In fact, Red Cross, who has been making hygiene kits for over 80 years loved the personal notes so much that they are changing their procedure because of our care. With CSR team building, everybody wins!

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