Where do we Geoteam?

Geoteaming is anywhere you need us to be.

Work is busy. It’s not always convenient to pack up the whole crew. We can create an experience for you with little to no travel. You can have an ‘ah-ha’ moment anywhere, including at the office, if an experience is designed specifically for you.

If you’re already traveling to a team meeting or retreat, we will meet you there. Choose a setting that fits your company culture – whether that’s a metropolitan city or the great outdoors. If you’re part of a team that has been too afraid to take a risk, then taking people to a location with perceived risk (a cliff, ropes course, etc.), might be the right ‘where’.

If possible, we recommend you get outside. Getting out of the box leads to out-of-the-box thinking. And fresh air creates fresh thinking.

An amazing backdrop like a raging river, old-growth forest, alligator farm, outdoor rodeo or in a valley of 2,600 foot waterfalls further heightens an experience.

We’ve been to Barcelona, Taiwan, Shanghai, Marseilles, Budapest, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Canada, Manhattan, Miami, Boston, Chicago, Texas, Hawaii, San Francisco, Seattle and everywhere in between!


The best team building experience, that produces breakthroughs and results, is one that’s custom created for you and your team.


Ready? Let’s make it happen!