When do we Geoteam?

When a company or team experiences a significant change or achieves a major milestone – it’s time to hit the reset button or do a mid-point debrief.

Prime times to Geoteam include:

  • Merger, acquisition or expansion
  • Big success
  • Failure to achieve goals
  • New leadership
  • Significant turnover
  • Layoffs
  • Half-way through a major project when stress is at its highest (mid-point debrief)
  • Preparing for a major launch

Team building is something you cultivate every day.

Some think team building is an event; they do it once and stop. They are often surprised when the results stop, too. They also think they need to wait until their change or project is done, but that’s often a missed opportunity.


People come back to us because every Geoteaming experience is unique and different and produces specific results. 


Ready? Let’s make it happen!