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"What an eye-opening experience! It was amazing to see the group momentum shift from an individual team position of win-at-any-cost to one of collaboration and mindfulness of the entire company goal. It created a radical shift in our thinking that continues to affect how we approach our work."
- Sid Jhaveri - Starbucks - Dir. of Global Quality Assurance
Learning on the fly! An incredible mix of technology, adventure and team skills that energized our group.
- Elizabeth DuBay -

It was great! Good learning experience that is easy to take back to the company! 5 Stars!
- Michele Pfeffer - Peterson Pack Systems

Geoteaming does what team-building experiences do at their best which is to mirror and reflect real behavior, so people can develop learning and apply it to the workplace.
- Moe Carrick - Moementum - Quoted in American Airlines Magazine 11/1/2005

When I needed an exceptional team building event to kick off our next development cycle that will require global cross team collaboration, I called on John Chen and Geoteaming. 300 teammates from 3 major divisions from Fargo, ND, Redmond, WA and Copenhagen, Denmark came together at EPCOT Disneyworld. John and his team at Geoteaming helped connect this event to our business goals, organize 300 people for a high-impact team-building event and created exceptional value by giving people an experience of The 7 Keys to Cross Team Collaboration. My team was buzzing at the event and more importantly, they are using the lessons already in our next development cycle! Thank you Geoteaming for outstanding logistics, execution and value!
- Hal Howard - GM - Microsoft Dynamics

GeoTeaming teamed with Corinthian Colleges, Inc. perfectly! Our group thoroughly enjoyed the "digital scavenger hunt" team building that GeoTeaming brought to the table. Actually, one of our attendees just sent me an email saying he is caching away! You made our teamwork theme concept stick and carried onto the return of our daily business activities.
- Darlene Glasser - Corinthian Colleges, Inc.

"Thank you Geoteaming for facilitating the geocaching event for our legal team’s first annual offsite meeting. The Geoteaming event highlighted one of our current challenges extremely well in a short amount of time. This has given us a shared experience that we look to follow up with as we grow our business. The event was very well received by the participants and it was one of the highlights of the meeting. Thank you Geoteaming!"
- Peter Ku - Sr. Counsel - Intellectual Ventures
This was very fun and brought out the competitive nature in people. It generated some very memorable moments that still make me laugh! Thank you Geoteaming!
- Kerri Neschleba, Intel
As an event planner, it was a pleasure working with Geoteaming on behalf of my client. Professional and friendly - the Geoteaming crew were responsive to my questions and helped create a successful day of teambuilding and fun for our client.
- Christina Turner / Parties That Cook
"The training was something I can put to use in my life. People shared experiences of how to improve personal performance and be a better leader. It was helpful to hear people share how to be a part of the team as a leader, how to keep a team working together, and how to both provide and get support to be successful. It is great that we can work and learn together and share our different backgrounds. Thank you very much for making this opportunity possible for me and others who attended.”
- Francisco Diaz - EDI
Thank you and the entire team for helping make our event at The Golf Club at Newcastle such a huge success. The attendees all loved the team building experience that Geoteaming created. It allowed the group to more fully engage with other event attendees in a fun way which positively added to their experience at Newcastle. We look forward to working with you again soon on another successful event.
- Erik Franklin, CMP
"Fun, physical, intellectual, Geoteaming was an amazing emotional challenge that allowed use to use the skills of our leadership team to solve real business problems."
- David Brown - Verizon Wireless
Just to say thanks for the very fast turn around on this project. I really appreciate your flexibility and fast response!
- Ina Gantcheva - Organizational Development Program Manager -Booz Allen Hamilton
Thanks to Andrew and the Geoteaming staff for making our adventure in downtown Bellevue both fun and educational. We expected an outing that would help instill collaborative goals, but what we got was so much more. The team discovered an opportunity to build stronger relationships with each other, as well as break down silos that existed within the team. All members of our team who participated had a great time and learned something about themselves and their teammates, regardless of age, tenure or work experience. This unique training opportunity was hands-down one of the best we've ever done.
- - Sydney Davis, Microsoft Corporation, Senior Manager - Brand Strategy

This is an incredibly fun and interactive way to get your members talking! I chatted on and off with John Chen over a couple of years, hesitant to break out of the standard keynote or seminar box for our annual convention. I am so glad that I did! Watching presidents playing for the ultimate team building prize right along next to the industry's rising stars was an equalizer and ice breaker into the rest of the event. There was so much talk after John left that I knew it was a success! -Aimee McAuliffe, Event and Education Manager
- Oregon Association of Nurseries

Some really exciting things began to happen while Geoteaming, and we got to see completely new sides of our coworkers. People showed their creativity in unexpected ways, and we saw new leaders begin to step 'out of the crowd' and take the spotlight.
- Aaron Easterly - Atlas Solutions - GM
"Through Geoteaming, we have been able to truly shift the thinking of our senior leaders to balance competition with collaboration to meet our company goals. Our senior executives said Geoteaming is one of the BEST team-building events they have ever experienced - unique, cutting-edge and effective."
- Ed Cohen - Booz Allen Hamilton - Senior Director of Center of Performance Excellence
"Andrew at Geoteaming, thank you for doing a great job planning and with the execution of such a great event for my districts in Colorado, I really appreciate your professionalism and flexibility in the planning of the event. From my perspective it almost was a "turn key" event for me since I could rest assured that the logistics were handled and that the objectives of the overall program would fit our needs and that my team would find it fun, challenging and just as important they would be able to apply the lessons that they learned during the event into every day work situations. These are things that a manager always strives for but rarely achieves in a team-building event. Thank you again."
- David Stump - Amgen - Manager, District Sales
My team members were less-than-thrilled at the thought of having to do another morale-building activity. Our team has done so many of these events that my coworkers were skeptical that Geoteaming could be different. Were they ever wrong! Our entire group was engaged and excited throughout the entire event. We all agree that Geoteaming was the best team-building event we have ever done.
- Jessica Hedlund - Symantec - Regional Productions Manager

"We took the whole Groundspeak Team to Discovery Park in Seattle for a company team-building event. Thanks to Geoteaming, we had a really fun time searching for 16 well placed caches, solving puzzles, playing with technology and figuring out how we could work together better for the benefit of the geocaching community. Not only did we learn a lot about our company, we had a really great time.

If you are looking for a fun and unique team building event that incorporates geocaching, check out It is a great program and they do a tremendous job of making team building fun and exciting. "
- Bryan Roth - Groundspeak
Geoteaming was a huge hit during our 2006 International Conference! This event was able to connect 280 people from 38 countries and provide tremendous experience and value for the time we invested. John and his team did an extraordinary job of listening and customization to bring a dynamic event to life that resulted in exceeding our expectations and in bringing our message to life. The buzz is still going strong, I highly recommend it for your next team building event!
- Jeanne Beauregard - Director of Learning and Partner Development - Starbucks
Thank you Andrew and Adam for your hard work on putting together an amazing experience for my client in Hawaii! I could tell from the photos that everyone had a great time. After touching base with my client directly, she too stated she didn't realize how competitive her group was, but in a friendly and fun way. The employees commented not only was it a unique team building idea, but it really gave them a chance to explore Waikiki. I knew from the moment Andrew and I started communicating about this event, that your company was professional and responsive. It truly was nice to know that my group was well taken care of. I will most definitely recommend Geoteaming to other HB Associates!

- Julie Kercher- HelmsBriscoe
"I could not have imagined how fun and inspiring this activity was going to be. Getting to play with all the cool high-tech toys was a natural for our group, but the way it was integrated with the learning lessons made it so much more valuable."
- Rachael Ligtenberg - REI - Flagship Store Manager

Geoteaming allowed the members of our national sales conference to be able to see Boston in a way that would have otherwise been impossible. Guided by GPS receivers, they were taken to interesting and historical parts of the city as they participated in the event. One part team-building and one part city tour, Geoteaming was an incredible adventure.
- Kelly Roth - US Bancorp - Director of Meetings & Events

"Great team-building experience! This event helped me in gaining strategic commitments from individuals while providing a tangible 'take away' that I could immediately use!"
- Ken Krivanec - Quadrant Homes