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11/27/2017 Siemens Digital Team Building In Taipei Taiwan

Siemens Digital Revolution Siemens Partners With Outward Bound Taiwan When Siemens Wanted Digital Team Building… Outward Bound Taiwan Called Geoteaming Siemens Held A Team Retreat In Taipei, Taiwan Their Goals Were: Networking Team Building Placing The Customer In The Core Making Digital Work And Leading By Example Siemens Downloaded The

7/22/2017 ACLF Team Building Develops Community Leaders in Seattle, WA

ACLF is the Asian Pacific Islander Community Leadership Foundation Founded in 1998, Kip Takuda and community leaders wanted to train emerging community leaders ACLF is a year-long program that focuses all aspects of leadership training ACLF hand selects participants for this training When ACLF wants team building, they called Geoteaming.