Geo Pop-Up Restaurant – Food Team Building

Pop your team out of their box with the Geo Pop-up Restaurant. 

The Geo Pop-up Restaurant is a fun, fast way to accomplish team building. If you want your team to get to know each other beyond the surface level, have more fun or be more creative, we recommend the Geo Pop-up Restaurant. Every team takes a restaurant from concept to reality. You do not have to be a chef, or even an aspiring chef, to enjoy and benefit from this program.

Here are a few questions to see if this program is right for you:

  • Is your team stuck? Do you want people to take more risks? Be more creative? Think out of the box?
  • Are you looking to increase team engagement and/or accelerate networking?
  • Are you time-constrained? Do you want team building with minimal impact to your agenda?

This is an opportunity for your teams to take a chance with limited risk.

The primary goal is for a team to work together to build a restaurant by the end of this event. What’s fun is that people enjoy a meal with this event. Everyone loves food! You get 2 ½ hours of team building by only adding 1 ½ hours to your schedule.

Program at a glance:

Who: A group ranging from 12 to 500 people who want to stay indoors

What: A high-tech team building competition

Why: Increase team creativity and risk-taking

Where: Indoors

When: 2 ½ hours, 1 hour of which is the meal time where people are eating

How: We have an app for this

Example 2 ½ hour agenda:

4:00 p.m. Geo Pop-up Restaurant instructions and team formation

4:15 p.m. Challenge begins

5:30 p.m. Team presentations

5:45 p.m. Teams enjoy dinner, awards, digital slideshow

6:30 p.m. Program ends

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Want to know more?

The pop-up restaurant became a trend in the early 2000’s. A top chef can open a restaurant for a very short time and try something creative he or she wouldn’t normally do.

We are always listening to our clients.

Over the years, we’ve heard clients tell us a few things that led us to design this program: they want their teams take more risks; they need team building in a short amount of time; they need an indoor program option; and they want to help people develop their time management skills.

The Geo Pop-Up Restaurant is our answer. This program makes dinner fun and teams take pride in what they create.

We have all experienced people starting to get sleepy during the afternoon of a long meeting day. This program helps energize people as they prepare for a meal. We can design this program for lunch or dinner; clients often prefer dinner.

How it works:

We break people into teams and teach them how to use the Geoteaming app on their mobile phones. Every table becomes a restaurant. Teams go through a series of challenges that help people gain the items they need to complete their restaurants. At the end of the competition, every table gives a team presentation of their restaurant concept. Judges give Zagat-like ratings. Teams get to enjoy their new restaurant as they eat their meal. At dessert we award prizes to the top teams and end the event on a high note with a customized slide show that reflects teamwork and creativity.

Mini case study:

Challenge: Regional managers of a chain of import retail stores that sell home furniture, decor, specialty, international food products and more… were looking for a fun, engaging team building event that would use their seasonal products.

Activity: The team that won the overall competition won several challenges along the way. One was the décor challenge where the team selected a trellis. With one simple beautiful decor choice, they transformed their table into an Italian restaurant and delivered a lively presentation with old world charm.

Result: After the Geoteaming program, managers replicated this idea at their stores and increased in-store sales!

Pop up your team’s creativity.  Build more than a restaurant, build teams that experience breakthroughs and deliver results.

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