GeoGaming – Turn Your Location Into A Game For Fun or Profit!

Turn Your Location Into A Game For Fun or Profit!

Do you:

  • Have an amazing location or property?
  • Want to create a new feature for a fraction of the cost?
  • Want to engage your guests with the latest in app technology?

Discover the power of GeoGaming! You can have an app based game for your location that every single one of your guests can play.

You’ll get a new feature, greater engagement and valuable user generated content for your social media. It’s cutting edge gamification at a fraction of the cost.

The GeoGaming program at a glance:

Who: Locations and properties that have lots of guests

What: An app based game customized for your location

Why: Increase engagement and capture valuable guest content

Where: Indoors and outdoors

When: 24/7

How: We have an app for this

Example implementation:

Day 1 Design teleconference

Day 7-8 On-site course design

Day 9 On-site training and demonstration of course and materials

Monthly reporting and link to all photos and videos

2 Updates / Year To Your Course With New Missions

Over 70% of Forbes Global 2000 companies surveyed in 2013 said they planned to use gamification for the purposes of marketing and customer retention. $1.3 B Levi’s Stadium is using it. Now YOU can join them!

Ready to play? Let’s make it happen! Contact us or request a quote.

Want to know more about who GeoGaming is for? Read on to learn how this program can help your location, how it works and the types of results you can expect from your investment.

GeoGaming increases guest engagement, creates a new feature, and captures valuable social media at a fraction of the cost.

Imagine that your guests just download an app, log in and play. Every mission helps them discover a new feature of your location. See how surprised they are when they win coupons or prizes just for playing. See new revenue you weren’t expecting.

Then you receive a full report detailing your guests’ actions on their favorite parts of your location. You post authentic user generated content on your social media of your guests in their favorite locations.  Did you know user generated contents draw 2.6x interactions? Your likes and shares soar!

Your manager praises you for doing all this with a fraction of the cost of developing a new app.  This is GeoGaming.

How does it work?

Geoteaming perfected technology based team building for the past 20 years. Now they bring all of their experience to you in the most efficient format.

We custom design your course based on your goals at the locations you help choose. We take advantage of beautiful places and our rich experience to build a cutting-edge course.

We train your staff and help your marketing for maximum usage. Guests start playing and you get valuable information and content.  You get a monthly report on usage and recommendations on how to make it even better.

What’s the value?

With GeoGaming you get:

  • A new feature
  • Increased interaction with guests
  • Valuable user generated content for social media
  • Increased revenue with coupons or rewards
  • Analytics on your guests’ preferences
  • All for a fraction of the cost of building and maintain a new app
  • In a fraction of the time, with minimized resources from your staff

Looking for an edge over your competition? GeoGaming will help you be in the top one percent of locations and properties.    

Ready to play? Let’s make it happen. Contact us or request a quote.