Conference Gamification – Increase Attendee Engagement

Don’t know what Conference Gamification is? That’s ok – we don’t expect you to!

Current statistics show that only 10 percent of people have tried conference gamification. If you’re one of the few who actually knows what it is, welcome, you must be one of us. As experts in team building, we are often early to adopt new ways to engage, influence and educate people. And conference gamification is one fun way!

The simplest definition of gamification we found is this: The process of adding games or gamelike elements to something to encourage participation. Source: Merriam-Webster dictionary.

Who is it for? Conference attendees and millennials. 

We’ve found conference gamification is a great way to engage people at conferences.

Gamer psychographics span almost every generation. While most people know the gamer profile of males 18-35, did you know the fastest growing demographics of players are…middle aged women!  Casual gaming is on the rise and with gamification, you can engage them with the game dynamics they expect.

It has already proven successful with millennials. Every industry is struggling to engage this generation. They grew up gaming and everything they need is online. Millennials won’t come to a conference if they can get the information online. You have to provide a unique experience for them to show up and to return a second year.

Benefits of Gamification:

  • Highlight: Feature conference or tradeshow theme and goals with attendees, sponsors and exhibitors
  • Education: Reinforce learning, key points and take-aways
  • Measure: For the first time ever, you have a way to measure engagement
  • Measure more: Track attendee progress and show sponsor and exhibitor ROI
  • Scalable: Use it with groups of 20 to more than 3,000 people
  • Networking: People come to conferences to network, help them stay connected and share long after the event is over
  • Participation: People who are more connected to the event and other attendees, are more ‘active’ participants
  • Growth: People are likely to attend a conference again when they’ve made friends

Engage people where they are: their phone.

With people looking at their phones an average of 214 times per day, you can’t afford not to try gamification. If your next conference does not engage people on their mobile devices, people are looking at their phones for a different reason – and they’re distracted from your conference.

Listen to an audiocast if you still want to know more.

You can listen to a talk radio show where Gamification Guru, Monica Cornetti, interviews John on the topic of Conference Gamification – Meetings Meets Games! John has always looked at how games can have a learning purpose to create personal and business change.

“Games have been a part of human culture for a very long time. If you don’t wake up at your next conference, passionate about the day’s missions you want to accomplish, you’re not extracting the full value of your meeting,” says John.

If gamification is new new to you, no worries. We’re experts. We like to play at the cutting edge, explore and test new ideas. We’ve been testing gamification for years – with great results!  We can show you how to use it and maximize your value.

Wake up passionate about your day’s missions! 

Are you ready to try something new? Let’s make it happen!