Amazing GeoRace – Race For Retention

The race for team skills! 

In The Amazing GeoRace, we help people retain and apply new skills. This program is based on the wildly successful reality U.S. TV show, The Amazing Race. If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the following questions, we can help your team in just three short hours.

Do you want:

  • Your team(s) to retain and demonstrate a new skill?
  • To bring your training to life with real-time challenges?
  • An exciting conclusion to test your next training session?

It’s this simple: You conduct the training. Then we test your teams. But this is no ordinary test. We facilitate a high energy and interactive challenge designed to help your team(s) retain their new skills. People race against time on a course we custom design for you. And, at the end, we give you a valuable take-away to measure retention.

Program at a glance:

Who: A group ranging from 12 to 2,000 people who want team building for a retreat, training or conference

What: A high-tech race that tests and highlights team skills

Why: Increase team performance

Where: Indoors and outdoors

When: 3 hours

How: We have an app for this 🙂

Example 3-hour agenda:

1:00 p.m. Amazing GeoRace program introduction

1:45 p.m. Amazing GeoRace experience

3:15 p.m. Debrief, awards, digital slideshow

4:00 p.m. Program ends

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Want to learn more about why we developed The Amazing GeoRace? Let’s start with what we heard from our customers:

  • Meeting content is boring
  • “Amnesia” – people forget and never apply what they learned
  • The company doesn’t think investing in team building is worth the cost or doesn’t want to make time for it

Companies spend a lot of time and money training their teams. Customers have shared with us their frustration of having no way to know, measure or track the retention and application of all that training.

The value of this program is retention – and we measure it for you.

You conduct the training. Then we apply our research on retention using experiential techniques we have developed over the years. Clients find it’s less pressure on their teams to have an outside facilitator test for retention.

Valuable take-away: We will give you an executive summary with statistics after the event about what your team(s) retained and help you identify ongoing development opportunities.

How does it work?

Before your event, we work with you to create a customized list of challenges based on the skills and knowledge you are teaching. We bring unique ways to test for retention in a fun, interactive format that uses the features of your meeting location.  We do extensive testing to ensure the race will be the right length of time.

On the day of the event, the facilitator forms your group into teams, shares the goals and rules and explains how to win the race. Teams are assigned one of 10 starting challenges, then they must work their way through the remaining challenges and race back to the starting location. Teams that retain and best demonstrate the skills you’ve taught – win!


One company used the assembly of their product as one of the challenges. At the end of the program, we provided the average time it took teams to assemble the product, which demonstrated their retention. Teams that didn’t fully pay attention to the training had to slow down to read the manual or take more time to figure out the process. Teams that retained the training won prizes and earned the recognition of their leaders.

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