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Geoteaming Team Building Programs Overview

Which Geoteaming Program is Right for You?

Regardless of what your group's goals are for your team-building event, Geoteaming has a program that will fit your needs.  Geoteaming team-building events span from highly facilitated training events to fun morale boosters.

Features of all Geoteaming Team Building Programs:

Customizable - Geoteaming™ is so flexible that we can design a program to fit your team's specific needs: from two hours to five days long, as large or small as your organization requires. We will tailor your event to suit your organization's unique goals, culture, and personality.

Mobile - Geoteaming goes where you go, from a rural park setting to a dense city, across the U.S. and around the world.

All Inclusive - Everyone in your organization can participate in our programs, regardless of age, ability, or fitness level. There are no ropes to climb or walls to scale- it doesn't take any special skill to join the fun. Even people with limited physical abilities can take part, and we'll create a role for them that's essential to the overall group success.

Choose your Team Building Program

The Ah-Ha
Summary: Multiple teams work towards a company goal during this fun event that combines competition with collaboration.
Length: 4 hours

The Search
Summary: Improve the performance of your small team during this fun and competitive event.
Length: 3 hours

The Chase
Summary: Have fun in this purely competitive event.
Length: 2 hours

For a recomendation of which program would work best for your team call one of our Geoteaming event organizers at (877) 652-0875.  They will be happy to offer recommendations to make your team-building event a success.