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Geoteaming Team Building Case Study          

Client: MSN
Location: Maui
# of participants: 170         

 Geoteaming in Hawaii        Geoteaming in Hawaii

THE MISSION   Create an unforgettable experience for 170 Incentive Trip winners of a global software manufacturing firm.

THE PLAYERS   The organizers of this incentive trip wanted to deliver an exciting, new and engaging event that wouldn’t just build memories but also build relationships among members of this diverse and global group. MC&A, Hawaii’s premier destination management company, was selected to coordinate the local logistics, and they turned to their trusted team-building partner, Geoteaming, to develop a creative concept and execute a flawless event.

THE GAME PLAN   MC&A and Geoteaming had to think out of the box to make this bigger, more exciting and more adventurous than any Geoteaming event they’d ever planned. They knew the perfect ingredient to supercharge the experience—4x4 Jeeps loaded with Garmin Streetpilot GPS receivers.

Forty-two locations all over Maui were selected as cache sites, with teams competing to visit as many caches as possible. Part team-building, part scavenger hunt and part whirl-wind scenic tour, this was going to be an action-packed island-wide adventure.

THE DELIVERY   Technology is a way of life for the members of this group, and they couldn’t wait to get their hands on the Geoteaming devices they’d be playing with: hand-held GPS receivers, Pocket PCs and digital cameras. But when they saw the 42 Jeeps lined up outside—each equipped with a GPS receiver—all 170 participants literally ran out of the hotel eager to get the game rolling.

No two teams had the same experience, giving every team an individualized island tour—and a different story to tell. For four hours the teams drove across the exotic island landscape, some visiting as many as 20 different locations. Some went to a former sugar plantation, others got a 5-minute lei-making lesson at Auntie Pua’s Lei Stand, while others won the coveted cache at Lappert’s Ice Cream, where they tasted traditional Hawaiian flavors before racing off to their next destination.

THE RESULTS   As the Jeeps rolled back into the hotel’s valet, it was instantly apparent the event was a hit. Enthusiasm was high as teams turned in scorecards, cameras and equipment. Geoteaming staff kept the energy flowing during the debriefing and photo slide show, which helped people open up and talk about the experience. What route did they take? What strategy did they apply? Did it pay off? People couldn’t wait to share their stories!

To top off an unforgettable day, participants took home an equally unforgettable gift—the newest generation of the Garmin hand-held GPS receivers they’d been using all day. Word has it that it’s spurred a few players to take up the sport of geocaching on their own. By all accounts, the mission to create an unforgettable experience concluded in a mission accomplished.