12/31/2017 Geoteaming Team Building Rewind 2017

What happens when you re-count over 100 events in just 5.49 minutes?  You get the Geoteaming Team Building Rewind 2017! Highlights include a private island in Indonesia, Taiwan, our first National Park Service leadership program and more! If you want to be part of the 2018 Geoteaming Rewind, just fill

12/15/2017 Holiday Team Building On A Budget – SSG Search – All I Want For Christmas

Salveson Stetson Group is a retained, multi-specialty executive search firm that helps organizations find senior executives who match their precise needs and culture. They were looking for a holiday team building event that fit their needs, time and budget. They found Geoteaming’s iPlay. A remote app-based scavenger hunt, run by

Meet Jimbo Clark, Creative Innovation Expert from Taipei, Taiwan

I met Jimbo Clark at NASAGA (North American Simulation And Gaming Association) and loved the work he was doing there. Next he volunteered as the marketing chair when I was the co-chair of NASAGA and we put together the entire marketing for “Gamification Buzz” in Seattle, including the Whipped Creme

11/27/2017 Siemens Digital Team Building In Taipei Taiwan

Siemens Digital Revolution Siemens Partners With Outward Bound Taiwan When Siemens Wanted Digital Team Building… Outward Bound Taiwan Called Geoteaming Siemens Held A Team Retreat In Taipei, Taiwan Their Goals Were: Networking Team Building Placing The Customer In The Core Making Digital Work And Leading By Example Siemens Downloaded The

11/17/2017 The Secrets To Team Building In Stunning Theta 360 Video

The GOAL Academy gathers leaders in one of America’s top government agencies. These 25 leaders come from across the United States for a week of training to become better leaders. In this unique initiative filmed with a Ricoh Theta S 360 degree camera, use your mouse or a VR headset

The PainKiller – Solving Unsolvable Problems

What if you could solve Unsolvable Problems?  Here’s the top things we learned by gathering on Pangkil Island with 15 consultants to answer this question: Would your brain behave different if it was on an island?  YES!  You need to get out of your existing patterns and environments if want to

11/7/2017 Building Supplier Relationships in Taiwan Through Facilitation

Jim Clark of Innogreat invited me to help facilitate a team building event in Taipei, Taiwan.  Cabot Microelectronics makes many of the electronic components you buy every day in your products and they were having a CMC Supplier Day.  During this day, suppliers join CMC employees for a day of

10/26/17 Inclusion and ADA in Team Building and Meetings with Joan Eisenstodt

This webinar features industry expert Joan Eisenstodt, a leader in Inclusion and ADA. Worldwide associations and companies have felt her power when she pointed out key points, getting a worldwide meeting to address and improve a key aspect of a meeting. In the movie “Defending Your Life”, Albert Brooks arrives

Geoteaming Sponsors NW Asian Weekly’s 35th Anniversary Gala

Last year Northwest Asian Weekly editor Assunta Ng asked me to be on their 35th Anniversary committee. Of course I said yes. In the first meeting the “Fashion Chair” had to step down and they asked who would take it? I said I would! I envisioned I would have 4 other judges

10/18/17 Movies For Marketing – Champagne Videos On A Beer Budget

Movies For Marketing – Champagne Videos On A Beer Budget 10/18/17 Burlington Chamber of Commerce Do you have a business? Do you want more business? Do you want more marketing for less money? Then join Geoteaming CEO, John Chen, for Movies For Marketing – Champagne Videos On A Beer Budget.

10/16/17 No Cash For Team Building? Use BizX!

The BizX team wanted team building for the 4th time with Geoteaming, but they are always trying to preserve cash.  Enter BizX Trade Dollars.  Using BizX that they generated by providing services to another member, they were able to pay for this team building event with minimal cash.  Many places

10/12/17 From WOW! to Need Now! Cutting-edge Event Trends with Geoteaming CEO, John Chen

Technology is transforming the meetings and conventions industry, from attendee engagement to ROI tracking, registration, AV, drone footage and more. The critical need to be on top of the latest trends is now a 24/7 undertaking, and extends through the life cycle of the event. Join Meetings Today, meetings technology

10/9/17 11:11 p.m. Las Vegas Shooting Memorial

Las Vegas Shooting Memorial – Dedicated to the teams of people who came together during this tragedy Monday, October 9, 2017  11:11pm https://www.google.com/maps/@36.09403,-115.172518,478m/data=!3m1!1e3 or http://facebook.com/ceojohnchen One week and one day will have passed since the tragic events in Las Vegas while I am in attendance at IMEX. I am still struggling to

10/5/2017 ATDps Workplace Learning Conference: What Is The Future Of Learning?

  ATDps Workplace Learning Conference: Future of Learning Future of Learning: Developing Agility in a Rapidly Changing World Building agile leaders, teams and organizations. Given today’s accelerated pace of advancements and constant change within the workplace, agility is necessary at all levels. From the basic level of developing as a

10/1/2017 – Are You Tired Of The 5K Fund Raiser?

Are you tired of doing the standard 5k to raise funds for your non-profit? Devin Kelly was.  As an avid adventure racer and philanthropist, he recently played in a Geoteaming game in Portland, OR http://geoteaming.com/2017/05/26/5262017-how-to-play-together-so-you-can-stay-together-by-luann-cahn/.  He thought this was a perfect way to upgrade his next non-profit event! His company,

Drones At Events!!! An Association Chat Interview by Kiki D’Italien and Chuck Fazio

Association Chat talked with John Chen, CEO and “The Big Kid” at Geoteaming, about the most important info you need to know about using drones at events! From the words “Will you drone my event?” to FAA Licensing, industry veteran Kiki D’Italian and video expert Chuck Fazio join Geoteaming CEO,

Geoteaming Drones Meetings Today Live! West ft. Tucson AZ Despacito

Meetings Today Live! West took 60 meeting planners and suppliers to amazing Tucson, AZ. Geoteaming runs a game that helps planners meet suppliers AND captures all the action using video and drones to create a spectacular closing video. CEO John Chen presented “Tricks Of The Trade” revealing how he captures

7/22/2017 ACLF Team Building Develops Community Leaders in Seattle, WA

ACLF is the Asian Pacific Islander Community Leadership Foundation Founded in 1998, Kip Takuda and community leaders wanted to train emerging community leaders ACLF is a year-long program that focuses all aspects of leadership training ACLF hand selects participants for this training When ACLF wants team building, they called Geoteaming.

I Lived by One Republic featuring Cathey Armillas and Portland OR Bridges

“I swear I did it all, I swear I lived” Cathey Armillas (http://catheyarmillas.com) is a speaking and marketing expert from Portland, OR. John Chen (http://geoteaming.com) is a team building expert from Seattle, WA. John and Cathey have been friends since 2009 and have collaborated on multiple projects including speaking engagements,

7/4/2017 Anh Vo’s 50th Birthday Party

Sometimes Geoteaming is just about fun. Anh Vo was looking to hold an amazing race for her 50th birthday party, she called John Chen of Geoteaming. We customized our Bellevue course, we catered dinner including Chicken Marbella and had the most beautiful table in Bellevue Park, downloaded 450MB of photos

Geoteaming Sponsors the ACRS Walk For Rice To Help Fight Hunger

The ACRS Walk For Rice Benefits The ACRS Food Bank Geoteaming Sponsored The Walk For Rice Game Participants Download An App and Shoot Photos While They Walk The Day Included a Run and a Walk In Seward Park The Walk For Rice Has Entertainment, Food Trucks and Live Music Participants

5/26/2017 How To Play Together So You Can Stay Together By Luann Cahn

Guest Post by: http://luanncahn.com/2017/06/how-to-play-together-so-you-stay-together/ John Chen, the creator of Geoteaming, believes something powerful happens when people PLAY TOGETHER. I do too. And that’s why I was so excited to get to do my first Geoteaming event in Portland, Oregon 2 weeks ago. What is Geoteaming? It’s like high-tech geocaching. It’s

5/23/2017 Levi’s Stadium and Geoteaming Celebrate 100th Corporate Team Building Event Partnership

Levi’s Stadium and Geoteaming Formed a Partnership For Corporate Team Building Events.   We Filled a Key Goal of Non-Game Day Revenue.   And Turned A $1.3 Billion Stadium Into A Game Board, The First of Its Kind!   Today We Completed Our 100th Corporate Team Building Event.   Thank

5 Ways To Be The Winning Team

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” -Peter Drucker After watching over 1,600 team building events over the past 20 years, we can predict with about 80% accuracy which team is going to win solely after watching the team make and present a team name and

I Am Not Your Team Building Guru

I am not your team building guru and I got the opportunity to do team building with the Anthony Robbins Seattle Power Team, a Robbins fan and support group that is composed of many PNW stars. “This was such a fun, event with a ton of experiential lessons. John and

5 Ways Gamification Helps Attendees Network

On 3/19/2017 – 3/22/2017, Geoteaming partnered with Meetings Today Live! California featuring San Diego to help increase attendee networking.  Meetings Today Live! is an innovative and intimate “hosted buyer” program where suppliers pay for planners to come to meet with them.  Geoteaming has partnered with Meetings Today Live! for over

3/23/2017 Corning General Counsel’s Geoteaming Kiawah Island, SC

When Corning’s General Counsel wanted team building that really looks at how they work as a team, they called Geoteaming. Geoteaming custom designed them a course at the beautiful Sanctuary resort. Our Geoteaming facilitator Tara met them on site and guided them through our Geoteaming course. While having a blast,

3/22/2017 Team Building for Networking – Connect California – Hayes Mansion, San Jose, CA

Connect California connects the top meeting planners and suppliers They met at the beautiful Dolce Hayes Mansion Connect wanted more networking Connect called Geoteaming Geoteaming divided Connect into teams based on emojis (icon) CEO John Chen taught them 5 Fixes To Team Fails Then they were off Planners and suppliers

20 Ideas To Increase Sponsorship With Gamification

Need ideas for creative sponsor inventory and revenue generation?  Get at least 20 new ideas to increase sponsorship with new programs, initiatives, campaigns, and activations.  Join Melissa Jurcan CSEP as she invited Geoteaming CEO John Chen to share sponsorship ideas for gamification including a crash course in why gamification is

Cascadia Educational Conference Increases Their Networking With Team Building

Conferences can use team building to increase networking. Cascadia Education Conference is the annual conference that attracts over 230 meeting planners and suppliers. Co-Chairs Alexis Abruscato and Trina Sharp said their research said participants wanted more NETWORKING! Cascadia called Geoteaming for the 9th year in a row. Geoteaming is an

The SH-AMazing Race 3/18/2017 1:30pm San Diego, CA

Powered by Eventbrite Register now at https://shamazingrace.eventbrite.com?discount=SHAMWOW Do you want to have a blast on the day after St. Patrick’s Day? Do you know what it’s like to be on The Amazing Race? Do you want to win drink tickets and prizes while in San Diego? Then you need to come

Team-Building On Budget – Northwest Meetings and Events

Geoteaming CEO, John Chen, was featured in a Northwest Meetings and Events article about how to build your teams on a budget. “Team building at it’s best should meet the goal of what we call the pick-up-the-phone factor.  People should build relationships long before they need them” “Geoteaming offers its iPlay

How Microsoft Breaks Down International Barriers With Team-Building

CJ Slusher, Sandy Chou and team members at Microsoft wanted to break international barriers with their teammates from Taipai.  They had only interacted by Skype and they knew they could get even more done if they could build better relationships with their Taiwanese teammates.  They invested in bringing them to

Geoteaming’s Play To Win

Welcome to Geoteaming’s Play To Win!  We’re celebrating 20 years of creating life-changing adventures and breakthrough results.  To celebrate we’re giving you a FREE app-based team building game so you can have a team building experience anywhere in the world. AND we’re giving away prizes all through the year. The

Why Team Building Is a Leading Indicator – Microsoft Layoffs

This week Microsoft announced 700 in layoffs.  Our hearts go out to those in the layoffs.  It’s not just new people who get laid off, but now it extends to veterans.  This is usually a traumatic process at best. As a past 10 year Microsoft veteran and a 15 year

Museum Of Flight Builds Their Sales and Marketing Team With Geoteaming

What happens when you take the marketing, sales, visitor services, private events manager, the director of education and chief operations officer for The Museum of Flight, one of the world’s largest aviation museums, on a Geoteaming event?  You get 24 karat magic as they got a chance to experience their

Geoteaming Selected For The Microsoft Eventions Partner Program

Geoteaming has been a long time partner and approved Microsoft vendor since 1998. Now Geoteaming has been selected to become a Microsoft Eventions Partner. The Microsoft Eventions program is a collection of internal meeting planners specializing in the many event needs of Microsoft. The Partner network extends their event capabilities

Geoteaming Featured at INTER[action] 2016 New Orleans, LA

When American Express Meeting and Event Planners come together for team building, they called Geoteaming!  Running a 2 hour event geared to network new people together and celebrate an incredible year, over 80 meeting planners competed in a course geared specifically for the New Orleans Convention Center.  In addition, during

Microsoft For Cloud and Infrastructure Operations

When the newly formed department at Microsoft for Cloud and Infrastructure Operations needed a program to build their team and learn how to see each other in a new way, they called Geoteaming. This group definitely needed a fun infusion after a pretty intense storming session! Geoteaming was just the

John Chen Featured Keynote Speaker For 6th Annual China Adventure Learning Conference

Geoteaming CEO, John Chen, was featured as the only US keynote at the 6th Annual China Adventure Learning Conference.  During this keynote, John gave a demonstration of app-based team-building and the participants were fired up to learn! These participants have never participated in app-based team building before so they were

Meetings Today LIVE Mannequin Challenge

Geoteaming completes their first Mannequin Challenge with Meetings Today LIVE Las Vegas! Geoteaming CEO John Chen was presenting Conference Gamification during Meetings Today LIVE’s program which helps suppliers meet planners.  So we staged the entire room of 1:1 meetings and ran through with a GoPro 4 on a gimbal.  Check

9/14/2016 Meetings Today LIVE Colorado Springs Geoteaming Conference Gamification

When Meetings Today LIVE wanted a cutting edge element to their hosted buyer program, they called Geoteaming.  Geoteaming created a conference gamification featuring an app with missions for planners to meet suppliers.  Key goals of networking and learning key facts such as there are 300 days of sunshine in Colorado

6/7/2016 Microsoft Customer Services and Support

When Microsoft’s Customer Services and Support had 7 groups that merged into one, they called Geoteaming to create a fun, networking outing that helped the 7 groups to know each other faster.  With over 60 missions right on the Microsoft Campus, the spectacular weather and fun teams had a blast

2015 Geoteaming Rewind – Over 100 Events!

2015 was an incredible year with over 100 events! See all the places we’ve been in just 5 minutes with this video.  

Conference Gamification – Meetings Meets Games!

Click http://www.blogtalkradio.com/gamificationtalkradio/2015/02/21/john-chen–conference-gamification-meetings-meets-games to listen to the interview. Have you ever been tasked to plan a corporate or association meeting – and you struggled with how to get engagement from your attendees at meetings? Are you tired of the same old thing and wondering how to get a younger audience interested

Finding destiny in a cache

When you hire Geoteaming, you hire the leaders and innovators in geocaching team building. First, we want to share with you the story of why we started geocaching and how we help companies create a fun and easy way to improve team dynamics and performance. Then we will give you

What our customers say

What can Geoteaming do for you? Our customers say it best:   “Fun, physical, intellectual, Geoteaming was an amazing emotional challenge that allowed us to use the skills of our leadership team to solve real business problems. – David B., Verizon Wireless “When I needed exceptional team building to kick off our next

Retreats That Work

Do you know that the best teams both compete AND collaborate? It’s true. While many view these words as “either/ or”, Geoteaming says “and”. Very few companies ever learn how to do both, in fact only one percent. When they do, they achieve much bigger goals. John shares this message with Seattle

Pure Storage, Pure Team Building

When flash cloud company Pure Storage wanted team building, they called Geoteaming to run a state of the art cell phone scavenger hunt in the $1.3B Levi Stadium. Hear what lead planner Janie O’Toole said after her team’s event that she described as “the best offsite EVER!”.

CSR Team Building Helps Washington Firefighters

One summer in 2015, with more than 500,000 acres on fire in the largest forest fire in Washington State, many of us were devastated by the images we saw and the lives that were lost, including three firefighters. We wanted, we needed to do something. So with a few quick

Team building is a misnomer

First, let’s talk about what team building is – and what it is not. It’s not an event. Does this surprise you, coming from a company that specializes in team building? Yes, we do events, but there is a lot more to team building than you might realize! Some people

Entrepreneurs and Innovators Interview PLAYTIME Inc. CEO John Chen

In this early 2005 video, Playtime Inc. / Geoteaming CEO is interviewed about the inception of his corporate team building company and puts the interviewers through their own team building event at the end. Come learn about the history of John Chen and Playtime Inc. that eventually became Geoteaming. Included

What Value Did Microsoft Find In Team Building Facilitation?

Mike Webber, Sr. Dir at Microsoft Real Estate and Facilities shares his insights after their 6/15/2015 Geoteaming event held in Leavenworth, WA. Mike had completed the fun 2 hr Chase and now just completed the 3 hr Search and now fully understands the value of facilitating key team lessons beyond

How Mountain Hardwear Increases Their Sales With Team Building

When world class outdoor clothing manufacturer Mountain Hardwear wanted team building, they called Geoteaming.  Taking a bus to the Presidio, Mountain Hardwear competed with customized challenges including having to build a tent as a team and knowing clothes trivia.  The debrief ended with team presentations on what they learned. Hilarium