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A strong business is all about the people, and at PLAYTIME Inc., it's our dedicated team that makes our Geoteaming™ programs so successful. We're always working hard to find news way to create and deliver the best possible Geoteaming events.


John Chen - CEO & the "Big Kid"

What you did prior to Geoteaming: During the ten years I worked at Microsoft, I shipped ten products, earned two US Patents and helped eight teams collaborate to ship Exchange, the first client-server email product with over 100 million client licenses. All the while, I was busy at work developing my unique "competitive-collaborative" designs that are an integral part of PLAYTIME and Geoteaming.

Outside of work you might find me... Spending time with my three wonderful children, Max, KJ & Kelson.

What are two of your life goals: 1. Win a World Poker Tour tournament 2. Ride my Harley Fat Boy on Route 66

You can reach me at or (206) 856-8491.

Jo Fjellman Account Executive

Jo Fjellman - Strategic Partner, Senior Facilitator and Program Designer

What did you do prior to Geoteaming? My passion for creating environments that enhance meaningful interactions started years ago in Belfast, Northern Ireland, working with at-risk youth within a broader divided community.  Returning to the US after several years in Europe, I ventured into for-profit work. I started a successful 14-year career in the wine industry culminating as the National Sales and Marketing Director for a prominent Washington Winery. Leaving the wine industry, I transitioned into delivering training and generating sales in the publishing and technology industries which reignited my passion for working within the field of team and leadership development.  I have been developing innovative trainings and facilitating leadership, solution-centered thinking, strategic alignment and team development through collaboration for over a decade.  I continue to draw from all of my past experiences as they inspire a creative and flexible approach to my work. 

My favorite Geoteaming event:
The most exhilarating events are the ones where participants are fully engaged and exploring their own learning, as well as offering their observations to others. Whether the locations are urban, such as Manhattan and  Boston; wild, such as the mountains of Colorado; or exotic, such as Provence, France or Fiuggi, Italy, the location is always secondary to who shows-up to participate and how they create value for themselves.

Outside of work you might find me... being outside. I love hiking, camping, traveling, reading, gardening, cooking, enjoying my family and friends and walking my dog. PLUS it seems that I must maintain my constant addiction to learning as I am always taking some workshop or class in something!

What are two of your life goals: Having to select only two limits my style, but... 1. MORE TRAVEL:  I have always wanted to travel around Scandinavia, climb Mt Kilimanjaro, explore Turkey and visit Crete, Greece again.  2. Continuing to advance my studies in leadership development, creativity, innovation and collaboration along with Integral Strategies and Cultural Psychology. I am drawn to participate with creative communities who are exploring new innovative solutions for our planet.

Tim O'Malley- Facilitator

What you did prior to Geoteaming: Work as an organizational development consultant and a coordinator for triathlons and running events.

Outside of work you might find me... Riding a bike.

What are two of your life goals:1. Create opportunities for people improve how they relate to each other. (and to find the perfect IPA)

Bill Angel- Extreme Course Designer

What did you do prior to Geoteaming: Current I work for Critical Care Equipment (cardiovascular) Technical Support/Field Service.

Outside of work you might find me... Geocaching... what else is there?

What are two of your life goals: 1. Live on a boat (again) 2. Spend 30 days in Scotland/Ireland

Jack W Peters - Account Executive, Facilitator, Course Designer

What did you do before Geoteaming?
My business career started doing legal investigative work to assist companies combat copyright infringement.  I went on become a business broker to assist the negotiation of small business transactions.  I purchased and developed my own small manufacturing business for the spa-hot tub industry.  I think my combination of real world business experience and fun is how I bring value to my clients.

My favorite Geoteaming moment:

I have conducted training for quite a variety of teams, ranging from 5th grade outdoor students to Indian Special Forces.  Once of my most memorable events was with a group of executives at a major construction corporation.  The various divisions of the company were so competitive, there were basically hostile to each other.  We had a breakout moment after convincing the group to redirect their energy to compete as a company instead of the various divisions against each other.  It is extremely fulfilling for me to see teams learn, improve and grow while have fun doing it!

Outside work you might find me:

Spending time with my 3 kids and building teams for my own adventures.  My adventures include shipwreck archaeology that includes scuba based research and underwater video to film production projects that include shows on Discovery Network, Travel Channel and Animal Planet.  I also spend a fair bit of time writing including books such as the 1st Edition of The Idiot’s Guide To Geocaching and Work With A Crowbar.

Two of my life goals are:

To continue to encourage individuals live their dreams and help American companies become more competitive in our global marketplace.

Tanya Phillips- Course Designer Extraordinaire

What you did prior to Geoteaming:  I was working in a hospital as a Parent Educator/Lactation Consultant. Now, in addition to Geoteaming, I have my own business in Lactation Consulting and Pump Rentals, I also work with international exchange students (highschool age) for a company called CIEE.

Outside of work you might find me... geocaching, on the computer, out with friends, or traveling to a new city, state, or country.

What are two of your life goals: 1. Achieve daily lifelong physical, mental, and spiritual fitness so that I can live to 106! 2. Travel to the Congo in Africa and work with Lowland Gorillas in the wild to help protect the species.

Peter Gaylord- Course Designer

What did you do before Geoteaming: Currently I am an MD-80 pilot for American Airlines

Outside of work you might find me... Climbing a mountain

What are two of your life goals: 1. Trekking the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal 2. Learn to speak Italian

Mick Pearson- Course Designer & Extreme Geotech

What you did prior to Geoteaming: I am a professional mountain guide and owner of an outdoor education and adventure travel company.

Outside of work you might find me... Scaling rock faces and climbing in the world's greatest mountain ranges and challenging different groups outdoors!


What are two of your life goals: 1. I really want to travel to every continent. 2. I am excited to meet someone who I can start a family with!