Geoteaming specializes in corporate team building that uses technology and adventure to create breakthroughs and results.

After 20 years, we have perfected the art and the science of team building and we know this to be true:

Customization + facilitation = breakthroughs and results

  • We will connect your goals to game design and help you achieve results that elude your team today.
  • A skilled facilitator unleashes your team’s power. This is the magic behind the scenes.
  • We have a secret formula that will change how you and your team think and work together.

We custom design each Geoteaming experience to your goals; you can learn more about our programs on The Geo Experience page. Our signature product is a high-tech adventure using GPS devices, digital cameras and smart phones to navigate teams through an obstacle course of virtual, physical and cerebral challenges that get participants’ minds and bodies moving.

Our customers can tell you best about what we do; hear what they say.


No idea is too big and every idea is possible! 


Ready? Let’s make it happen!

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