11/27/2017 Siemens Digital Team Building In Taipei Taiwan

Siemens Digital Revolution

Siemens Partners With Outward Bound Taiwan

When Siemens Wanted Digital Team Building…

Outward Bound Taiwan Called Geoteaming

Siemens Held A Team Retreat In Taipei, Taiwan

Their Goals Were: Networking

Team Building

Placing The Customer In The Core

Making Digital Work

And Leading By Example

Siemens Downloaded The Geoteaming APP

The APP Presented Missions To The Teams

Team Must Use Team Building And Strategy To Win

Like Their Cloud Based System…

The Geoteaming APP Gives Them A Leaderboard…

To Tell Them How They Are Doing NOW

Geoteaming Customized The Missions

To Meet All Of Their Goals

While Seeing The Best of Taipei

And Having A Blast!

Teams Presented What They Learned

About Communication And Trust

About Assigning Roles And Working With Each Other

And Team Building Is Important!

“Geoteaming Is So Easy To Work With!” – Archie Chen, Siemens

“Thank You Geoteaming, Well Done!” – Erdal Elver – CEO

(877) 652-0875  geoteaming.com

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