11/17/2017 The Secrets To Team Building In 18 Minutes In Stunning Theta 360 Video

The GOAL Academy gathers leaders in one of America’s top government agencies.

These 25 leaders come from across the United States for a week of training to become better leaders.

In this unique initiative filmed with a Ricoh Theta S 360 degree camera, use your mouse or a VR headset to be able to watch the entire team process as well as myself with the timer to show you how much time they had remaining.

Here are their secrets to Team Building:
1) Establish a leader – In this case they chose a leader that would benefit most from this experience.
2) Communicate – They brainstormed ideas and made sure those who had ideas were heard. With 90% introverts in this group, they learned to help others be heard.
3) Listen – Only 1 person talked at a time and made sure that everyone was listening to the ideas.
4) Time Check – To prevent analysis paralysis, one person constantly time checked and help spur action with enough time to learn/fail.
5) Replay – The leader was able to re-iterate the plan and ensure everyone agreed.
6) Fail Faster – After a number of fails at 6:30, they took the option to talk, assess and make a new plan. When that plan also didn’t work, they dropped strings at 8:38 and communicated again. At 10:21 they get a successful lift off but it was against the rules as he was assisting it with his hand, so they had to change and try again.
7) Innovate – At 11:38 when they start moving, one person begins to stomp their feet as they walk because they are not allowed to talk while holding the strings. This communication mechanism gets the ENTIRE 25 people in sync!
8) Coach – The one person with the landing board coaches all 25 to completion with hand signals as he has the best view to match the ball to the landing area.
9) Relax – This initiative could have had any ONE team member pull too hard after landing and knock the ball off, but every one focused and relaxed and ensure they did their part in completing the team goal.
Celebrate – I hope you get from this video the focus, intensity and energy this group had when they successfully completed! Observe their process and see what lessons you can draw to have success with your teams.

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