The PainKiller – Solving Unsolvable Problems

What if you could solve Unsolvable Problems?  Here’s the top things we learned by gathering on Pangkil Island with 15 consultants to answer this question:

  1. Would your brain behave different if it was on an island?  YES!  You need to get out of your existing patterns and environments if want to solve unsolvable problems.  If Richard Branson can use an island, so can you!
  2. Relationships – It’s all about who you know and HOW you know them.  Going on this trip created and accelerated relationships that are still growing to this date.
  3. Communication – This location created opportunities for critical conversations to happen to solve complex problems.  In talking through ideas, many problems began to solve themselves.
  4. Facilitation – When massage is more important than the message.  Having an expert facilitator know when is the right time to let the group do what it wants to do and when to lead the group in a value activity is critical to get value out of a trip like this.
  5. Accelerate – Whatever it is that you want to do, it gets accelerated on this trip because everyone is truly focusing on each other and sharing their vast knowledge that others don’t know about  That acceleration led to solutions!

Would your brain behave different if it was on a beach?

Well the answer is…YEAH!


Solving Unsolvable Problems.

Sir Richard Branson Uses A Beach
Now You Can Too

Using the PainKiller Process,

This radical retreat gets results

Our PainKiller Consortium has experts

In every field in the world.

We customize your painkiller to you.

It’s futuristic, because we’re not trying to stay where we are.

We want to move to the future.

We engage your body, mind and soul.

We help you expand your own thinking

We design a process to unlock your potential

People will start to find out who you are.

You will discover more about yourself.

We will help you replace pain with passion.

Unlock creativity, communication and trust.

If you’re stuck right now,

this is a really good thing to be doing.

Let the PainKiller Consortium help you feel…

Gratitude, Vulnerability, Community.

Find the time because,

This accelerates whatever it is that you want to be doing.

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