11/7/2017 Building Supplier Relationships in Taiwan Through Facilitation

Jim Clark of Innogreat invited me to help facilitate a team building event in Taipei, Taiwan.  Cabot Microelectronics makes many of the electronic components you buy every day in your products and they were having a CMC Supplier Day.  During this day, suppliers join CMC employees for a day of meetings and end the day in this fun, networking event. 

Jim and I co-designed a course on the Geoteaming A-P-P (that’s how you say it in an Asian country) and facilitated 71 people from the 5 Star famous Regent Hotel.  Some complained it was too far and too hot, but after they cleaned up and showed up for the cocktail party…something happened. 

People started to have cocktails and now share all the stories from their teams.  The conversation and laughter in the room was incredible. 

We brought the group back together and shared this video with them to recap their day.  They “ooooooooooo”ed when they saw the drone footage and laughed when they saw all the connections of their teams.

Then Jim Clark, known as Jimbo to his clients and friends, began to facilitate one of the funniest and secretly valuable debrief and award sessions to date.  Despite having the same prize for every person.  He had the leader of the group nominate someone to receive the “specially designed” prize for their team.  One by one he had the leader come up and tell them why they selected this person and he found a way to use what they said to say something valuable about the supplier/company relationship. 

Because there were 8 teams, he found 8 valuable lessons from the day about the supplier relationship and everyone left this event feeling good, having deeper relationships and feeling more like a team.  One Cabot executive was so grateful for capturing this moment and making it so great that she invited us back to Hong Kong for their next big event.

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