10/9/17 11:11 p.m. Las Vegas Shooting Memorial

Las Vegas Shooting Memorial – Dedicated to the teams of people who came together during this tragedy

Monday, October 9, 2017  11:11pm

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One week and one day will have passed since the tragic events in Las Vegas while I am in attendance at IMEX.

I am still struggling to make sense of grief, sadness, and trauma that has been inflicted from this and other recent events.

My friend, Holly Duckworth, and I made the trip to the Las Vegas Memorial.  We lit one candle for each of the beloveds that lost their lives, one for the first responders, and one for the world in an attempt to re-unite us all.

I personally find that as valuable as media is, media can never serve justice to an event like this, so I felt it important to go here and do something.

We lit a candle and said their name and where they were from if we could find it.  When we we starting to get tired from travel and carrying luggage, we looked up and we were not even HALF WAY done.  That was the moment when we realized how enormous the impact was.

Just when we thought we were just 2 insignificant people in the face of tragedy, we turned around…and we saw a string of lights, our candles.  It was somehow beautiful, symbolizing how we are all connected, that we can ALL do SOMETHING.

This is for all of the first responders and the immediate teams that form in events like these that help everyone get through an event like this.  That teamwork is the true and authentic teamwork that I believe is key to the human spirit.  With this post, we celebrate you.

I think Jason Aldean said it best, “Our spirit is unbreakable.”

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Dear John,

Thank you for sharing this with me. You have made a difference in the lives of the Parikrma students who attended the GYLS at San Diego last year. And I know we cannot change what has happened at Las Vegas and for that matter, what is happening the world over but the very fact that it touches our hearts and evokes compassion is hope for mankind yet.

God bless you.

warm regards,


Parikrma Foundation



Thank you for being the leader and human that you are.

Thank you for forwarding this striking and loving tribute.

I am without words, yet know you have inspired me.

Thank you,

Susan Voeller Davis

Davis Leadership


Hi John and Team – well done piece. Very powerful, thank you for sharing.

Jessie Lovett

Sound Physicians


This is great, John. Thank you!

Barbara Mulligan



Thank you, John, for sharing this important message.  It definitely put me in a better state of mind and got me focused on what I can do to make a difference moving forward.

Michelle Thompson | Director, Strategic Meetings | American Express – Global Business Travel


Thanks for sharing my friend. Always a good reminder when one feels helpless.

George Yin

Yin Hospitality


John, Good stuff.

I looked back on pics I took when I was in Las Vegas with you a few years ago and there is a photo I took of the hotels and the Luxor and judging by the picture I was almost exactly where the victims were.  But, in the end, light will triumph.

Jeff Lageson

Teacher and former Geoteaming teammate


Very powerful.

Thanks for sharing your video.

Best regards,

Rachel Burke

Maggie’s Mom


John such a powerful message thank you for sharing.

You really are “doing the work” as they say and I appreciate every effort on this horizon, as I know so many people feel despondent and overwhelmed with all of the current humanitarian challenges that exist in the world.

As an individual I am sad, it is beyond me how anyone could act in cruelty to another human.  Be that as it may these issues exist and it’s going to take more emails like this and people like you to help those that can’t see their way out of the storm.

Thanks for being you and keeping in touch with me.

Amy Bright

Cronin Company


Thank you for sharing John,

Leaving Las Vegas right now as I read and watched this.  Appreciate what you do and who you are.

Jon Petz

Founder & Professional Speaker, Bore No More!


This is a great message, John – thanks. Hope all’s well with you and continuing to grow.


Frank Wells

World Power And Water

Ft. Lauderdale Hurricane Survivor


Wow super powerful John. Thanks for sharing, it brought tears to my eyes. This truly is such a horrific tragedy that occurred and we must all be held accountable to do better and be better for the children of tomorrow.

Brittany Ryerson l Events Manager



John- nicely written. Thanks for the timely reminder of the beauty that exists everywhere.


Co-Founder, Syngery Learning Systems


Hey John,

Very cool.

Lori Tenny, Meetings Today

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