10/5/2017 ATDps Workplace Learning Conference: What Is The Future Of Learning?


ATDps Workplace Learning Conference: Future of Learning

Future of Learning: Developing Agility in a Rapidly Changing World

Building agile leaders, teams and organizations.

Given today’s accelerated pace of advancements and constant change within the workplace, agility is necessary at all levels. From the basic level of developing as a person to advanced leadership roles, there needs to be a focus on learning within the organization. In order to maintain and promote agility and growth, the individual must be supported with necessary tools and techniques to help them in this path.

Geoteaming showed their agility by capturing presentations by video and completed this 2 minute recap of The Future Of Learning using their video skills honed by creating digital slideshows after each of their events.  Subscribe now continue to see Geoteaming’s Future of Learning.

The ATD Workplace Learning Conference will provide you and your organization with the tools, strategies, and solutions necessary to effectively sustain, develop, and thrive with agility from an organizational level to the individual as a learner and leader.

1. Personal & Leadership Development – Explore how you and your organization lead yourself and others. What do you need to do as an individual to develop your own capacity and agility? How do you manage stress and cultivate well-being while creating optimal performance and learning? Is there a system to help both the employee and leader as a whole succeed in your organization? Set yourself up to contribute in the most authentic and effective way both personally and within leadership.

2. Organizational Learning – How does your organization create, retain, and transfer knowledge? For an organization to improve over time, it must continue to learn and gain experiences. This constant learning and being open to change requires the organization to foster and support agility. How can your organization create better and more effective learning opportunities for its sustainability?

3. Tools & Techniques – In order to succeed as an individual and thrive as an organization, what tools or techniques are necessary to remain agile? Technology is only going to keep advancing, how can you harness that energy and adapt it for your gain? To be set up for success, you must have the right tools and techniques to support you.

Conference website for the latest information, including agenda and speakers detail is here> https://www.workplace-learning-conference-atdpugetsound.com/

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