7/22/2017 ACLF Team Building Develops Community Leaders in Seattle, WA

ACLF is the Asian Pacific Islander Community Leadership Foundation

Founded in 1998, Kip Takuda and community leaders wanted to train emerging community leaders

ACLF is a year-long program that focuses all aspects of leadership training

ACLF hand selects participants for this training

When ACLF wants team building, they called Geoteaming.

Geoteaming has been facilitating ACLF since 2006.

Community leaders need team building.

Community leaders need leadership training.

ACLF chose Geoteaming’s Aha program.

The Aha teaches team building AND cross team collaboration.

The Aha has a team goal to earn the most points and a company goal to complete every mission once.

The course is designed so no team can do it by themselves.

One team member attempted to start cross-team collaboration.

The others left before they could make any plans.

At the mid-point they realized they did not complete their company goal.

Their perspective changed and all teams collaborated together.

Every team was more efficient, scored more and achieved the company goal in the 2nd session.

They completed team presentations and made commitments to improve their ACLF training.

Most participants have never been exposed to this type of leadership training.

ACLF graduates have gone on to do great things in their community.

“Geoteaming is one our most unique trainings in ACLF.  Thank you John!” -Randon Aea, ACLF Chair

“Thanks Geoteaming for helping me become a better community leader, while having so much fun!”

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