5/23/2017 Levi’s Stadium and Geoteaming Celebrate 100th Corporate Team Building Event Partnership

Levi’s Stadium and Geoteaming Formed a

Partnership For Corporate Team Building Events.


We Filled a Key Goal of Non-Game Day



And Turned A $1.3 Billion Stadium Into A Game

Board, The First of Its Kind!


Today We Completed Our 100th Corporate

Team Building Event.


Thank You To Paul, Alex and Matt For

Approving and Creating This Program.


Big Thanks To Dianne, Nancy And All Of The Levi’s

Stadium Tour Guides Who Made This A Success!


Over 3,500 Participants Got Exclusive Access To

Levi’s Stadium.


In A High-Tech Scavenger Hunt That Uses App



Participants Have A Blast In High-Energy



Congratulations Levi’s Stadium On 100

Corporate Team Building Events!

To learn how to get a Corporate Team Building Event at your site by partnering with Geoteaming, fill out the form below:


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