5 Ways Gamification Helps Attendees Network

On 3/19/2017 – 3/22/2017, Geoteaming partnered with Meetings Today Live! California featuring San Diego to help increase attendee networking.  Meetings Today Live! is an innovative and intimate “hosted buyer” program where suppliers pay for planners to come to meet with them.  Geoteaming has partnered with Meetings Today Live! for over 4 years.  Here’s what we’ve learned:


1 – Engagement – App based gaming engages the attendees and gets them to look for more things during this trip.

2 – Shared Experience – Gamification gives everyone on the trip a shared experience. They talk about the game during the trip and can use their game experience as something to talk about after the trip.

3 – Increased Sponsorship Value – Missions are created to get planners to meet suppliers.  Suppliers feels like it turns networking upside down and they appreciate meeting more planners.

4 – Social Media – The photos and videos give more to share increasing the likelihood of people connecting on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or more.

5 – Builds Relationships – The game helps builds relationships making it easier to “pick up the phone” after the event and feel more comfortable having a conversation.


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