3/22/2017 Team Building for Networking – Connect California – Hayes Mansion, San Jose, CA

Connect California connects the top meeting planners and suppliers
They met at the beautiful Dolce Hayes Mansion
Connect wanted more networking
Connect called Geoteaming
Geoteaming divided Connect into teams based on emojis (icon)
CEO John Chen taught them 5 Fixes To Team Fails
Then they were off
Planners and suppliers had a blast completing customized missions to Hayes Mansion
They also used fixes such as “The Huddle” to score more points 
Teams returned to lunch, with plenty of stories to share
And deeper connections to each other
The team that won used one of Geoteaming’s 5 Fixes To Team Fails to win!
“That was awesome networking!” -California Connect Meeting Planner
“I really know my team now!” -California Connect Supplier
“Thank you Geoteaming for providing unique networking that people loved!” – Angie Ahrens, Connect California Planner

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