How Microsoft Breaks Down International Barriers With Team-Building

CJ Slusher, Sandy Chou and team members at Microsoft wanted to break international barriers with their teammates from Taipai.  They had only interacted by Skype and they knew they could get even more done if they could build better relationships with their Taiwanese teammates.  They invested in bringing them to the US and planned a week’s agenda that included team-building with Geoteaming.  Geoteaming custom designed a team-building course on the Microsoft campus to maximize their time and their goals.

The result was a building of personal relationships that has made it faster and easier to work remote when they returned to Taiwan.  While they had met that week, CJ and team said Geoteaming was the event that helped them build relationships the fastest,  Geoteaming allowed them to laugh together to built communication and trust.  For more secrets on how to accelerate team-building and relationships, fill out the form below.


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