How Mountain Hardwear Increases Their Sales With Team Building

When world class outdoor clothing manufacturer Mountain Hardwear wanted team building, they called Geoteaming.  Taking a bus to the Presidio, Mountain Hardwear competed with customized challenges including having to build a tent as a team and knowing clothes trivia.  The debrief ended with team presentations on what they learned. Hilarium ensued with their creative presentations.  They’re sales people, what did you expect?

Now how did they increase sales?

First they increased their “pick-up-the-phone factor”.  Team members now feel more comfortable picking up the phone to call another team member to ask for help when they hit an unknown challenge.  This prevents remaking the wheel again and again.  That means more time selling.

Next they increased their product knowledge.  Have you ever had a salesperson who never used the product?  By creating a challenge for teams to assemble their own tent, you guarantee they have knowledge about how to do it.  In fact, they usually learn from a team expert on the fastest and best way to assemble the tent.

Finally, by increasing their communication and trust, they are better team players and team leaders from the lessons they learned in this event. Some learned to trust their team members and others learned how to lead their teams to faster decisions through clear communication.

Thank you to Mountain Hardwear who builds the gear I used to climb Mt. Rainier and Denali in -30 degree conditions.  Here’s to you meeting your aggressive sales goal!

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